I Say! What Just Happened??

A woman won a million-euro Spanish literary prize. It turned out that ‘she’ was actually three men.

Three men revealed themselves to be the writers behind the pseudonym Carmen Mola.

Violent eviction drive in India’s Assam revives tensions over undocumented migrants

The incident laid bare seething tensions over the issue of immigration in Assam, a small state in northeastern India that shares a porous border with

In Russia, experts are challenging official pandemic figures as too low. They refuse to be silenced.

Questions over Russia’s death and infection case counts arise amid a ‘fourth wave’ of coronavirus infections.

Venezuela suspends talks with opposition after Maduro ally extradited to the United States

Venezuela said it is halting talks in retaliation for the extradition of Colombian businessman Alex Saab, a close ally of President Nicolás Maduro wanted on

American missionaries and family members kidnapped in Haiti

An audio described as a “prayer alert” from Ohio-based Christian Aid Ministries and obtained by The Washington Post stated that “men, women and children” associated

What is happening in Beirut?

The escalation could strain what remains of stability in a country teetering on the brink, under the compounding strains of violence, shortages, economic meltdown, distrust